ICELAND PROMO: Through the Northern Lights (From January 20th to 23th)

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An awesome trip of shared costs through one of the wildest environments on the planet in search of the most spectacular natural phenomenon ... The Northern Lights! A unique natural phenomenon that meets every year in these latitudes of the planet to cover green the sky. Reserving this limited place, you not only save more than 45% due to share the trip with other travelers ... But we will provide you with a map with the more important points of visit and one of the best kept secrets .. The "Green Point", a place far from the tourist ready to discover and hunter the best Northern Ligths Do you have a driving license? He / she will first book this trip to activate it and receive € 5 for each traveler who has joined this shared trip.

What does the price include?

  • Flights (Round Trip)
  • Accommodation (strategically located on the Woutrip Iceland route)
  • Rented car
  • Car Insurance (Full risk)
  • CR Insurance
  • Woutrip Map (With "Green Point")

What does the price NOT include?

  • Food
  • Petrol

Number of Recommended Travelers

1 - 9 People

Meeting Point

International Airport of Barcelona (El Prat)


Keflavik - Golden Circle - Skogafoss - Black Beaches (Vik) - Jokulsarlon - Reykjavik *** The recommended route map will be provided together with the booking confirmation ***


  • This trip requires a traveler with a driving license
  • The driver receives 5€ for each traveler


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