Walk around the alternative Berlin with an Art Lover

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Walk around emblematic streets that are key to understand the underground life of the city and its street art history (there are many defining graffiti works in that area). We'll cross to the east side, passing historical bridge of Warschau and one of the most splendid sights of the river Spree, with the Berlin wall (East-side Gallery) also in our route. Finally we'll arrive to the old factories in Revalerstr. (Friedrichshain) and visit "Projekthäusern" (Berlin-"squats"), industrial buildings turned into social projects, concert halls, etc. The walk includes a break for take a coffe or any drink in one of the best and unknown street in Berlin. :) If you want to experience the real life of a Berliner, this is your tour!

Languages the Local speaks

english spanish

Number of participants

2 - 10 People

Meeting Point

Central Station or any point we´ll agree

The price includes

Tour day and one drink in a beatiful pub


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