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About me

Originally from Togo, I have come along with this experience due to my passion for history. Always willing to know more about african history, this tour was created to understand better Lisbon and its people. I found a reason to live a settle in Lisbon for its riches in culture and would like to share with everyone from the eyes of view of a Local african in general but especially a non portuguese colony descendant.

What I really like about traveling. My motivations

Traveling is defintely the best way to understand this world wher we are living. The only way the break borders. For me the only weapon against intolerance, xenophobia, racism. Traveling is live the world and understand it better.

Some of my adventures

Coming form my motherland Togo to Cazalla de la Sierra in Spain for the first time, being accepted by everyone and enjoying with people steping on flamenco and Sevillana music.

Trip Reviews

Naky was a terrific guide. We learned so much about Portugal and its colonies and the experience of slavery - all of which we would not have really understood without Naky. I feel so fortunate to have had this unique experience and wish that all visitors to Portugal would learn what we did. Our trip to Portugal was greatly enriched because of Naky. Also, our visit to a Cape Verdean restaurant was terrific and added an additional dimension to an already superb tour. Thank you Woutrip and especially thank you to Naky.
We really enjoyed our tour. We learnt a lot, Naky is very knowledgeable and his approach is very interactive. We sampled some delicious Cape Verdean too! Thank you Naky!