About us

We are a group of travelers who love the craziest adventures. If you get here sure we have something in common!

Woutrip team was born from the desire of some friends to go and travel the world in the most economical and locally way possible.

On one hand, tired of feeling like we were returning from travel without being able to actually see, look and feel our destination, wanting to feel the daily life of a place and not through tour guides accessing the same sites as usual, due to this and much more things, Woutrip was born.

On the other hand, in the same way that the best trips are planned, an adventure emerged with the mission of young people traveling in more spontaneous and fun way, but always at low cost prices, because if a whole trip is planned, everything it is cheaper, but it is best that as a wise captain said "have a lot of friends, but whom I miss most is that I do in my boat."

Our Philosofy, in Life and Business!

In managing Woutrip traveler satisfaction comes first. We want adventurers to enjoy both their travel as we do, so we ensure that every getaway is as if we were living it ourselves.

Attitude Personality Spontaneity

Nothing is impossible!
The world is huge and full of

With all there is to discover
Why follow what everyone does?

We love doing crazy with head
and are proud of it Letting go is
the best choice!

The Team

Our Woutrip Team consists of young people with a passion for travel. An international group that likes to have a cards game after eating

Juan Gris
Founder and CEO
Emilio Parra
Co-Founder and COO
Luis Amador
Co-Founder and CFO

Laura Parra
Adventure Advisor
Luz Hernandez
Developer Spain